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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  July 18, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 3 the number of heat related deaths keeps rising with the temperatures. 5 more deaths attributed to this latest heatwave, which brings the 23. on this code red day in the city, joel d. smith is live at one of the cooling centers with some dangerous mistakes many of us are still making on these hot days. &ppgooo morning joel d. 3
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here we are in mmunt vernon, this cooling center like ll the rest in the city open at 9:00am but frankll, it could open right ow and help some people ut. 23 people have dded in the statt from heat related causes. drink plenty of water or wipe skin with ool watee as ne- neededreduce outside activvties wear light-weight and light-colored clothingstay inside during he hottest time of day (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.) people still need to work, even in hot ppaces like dry cleaners... even with the temperature hits triplee digits. 11 cooling cenners in the city are open todaa from 9am until 7 tonight. "114 degrees...underneathhsome " air!"other "cooling" places in baltimore county officials 3
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suggest... community cennerss churches malls neighbor's home with air conditioning restaurants & other hints... 3 3 a megabus meltdown.. driver bringing passengers right here to baltimore... gets heated ann refuses to go any further. further.megan gilliland is here with an inside look of exactly what happened... and the injuries thaa's a story you're seeing first on fox. good morning guys,you gotta
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see this...this is a picture of the this point... you can see everyonn is now off the bbs... this happenee after... someone asked the driver if the air conditioning waa that point... we're told the driver ulled over forccng a jolt so hard that one woman was later sent to hospital.that was just the beginning... affer ggtting back on 95... the bus pulled over again... thii time at a rest stoo. (shannon) :48 so when they left she aatually got off the bus and said she wasn't driving anyylonger and that she wasn'ttgoing to take us anywhereeso we werr all stranded in new jersey at a rest area for 3 31/2 hours (shannon) 3:43 at one point us back to new york ng to take eventuallyythe passengers did make it back to baltiiore.and megabus has now issued a ordeal.saying it's lookiig into the matter... but maintaines the driver did everything by the book. book or not... some passengers say they wereeworried aboutt &pthe drivers ental state.
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coming up next half hour... their moment of truth.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. baltimore police continue to investigate a double shooting in south baltmore that left one man dead. happened tuesday morning... around two a-m on sixtt street ... near duane avenue.police found two men with gunshoo ounds.a 35-year-old was shot in the &phead and pronounced dead at shock trauma.the seeond victii.. a 32-year-olddis in critical condition.police think drugs were involved. a waldorf coople is found shot....possibly at the hands of their son.they were rushed to tte hospital.charles county sheriff's office says the shooter was found dead nside a nearby home... and it &pappears to be's son, but the sheriff's office pid not clarify their relationship. 3&a meetiig at the governor's mansion involvinggthe state's top three lawmaaers produces littll progress on whether to call a special seesion. the fate of expandee gambling is still in
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with senate presidenttmike michael busch on tuesday...yet no special sessionnis some sttte lawmakers doubt it can be done this yeer. (govvrnor//" " there's pressure to get the special session ssheduled before august 20th.lawmakers need to meet that deedliie if they want he proposal on the ballot in november. the boy ssouts of america is affirmiig its policy of banningggay members. the organization's leeders reached that decision tuesddy... after a nearry 2-year evaluation. the committee formed to look at the pooicy... saying it consideeed diverse perspectives ann opinions. ultimately... it decided that banning gay embers is the best for the boy scouts. 3for the second time since june... the f-d-a approves a new prescription diet drug.
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it's called qsymia ... and patients who took it in clinical trials... lost an average f 23 pounds.the drug is recommended for obese patients... witt a b-m-i over 27 and other weiiht-related health issues. "belviq" was the other drug approved by the f-d-a this year. johns hopkins hospital slips to second place after years as the top pospital in the country. the hospptal is only down one rankingg of best hossitals by u-s news and world report. the hospiial did receive the number one spot in five specialties. it's also he only maryland hospital to be nationally ranked in all sixteen medical specialties. the historic institution says tte ranking came down to the wire. 3&(stephenson) "we both, us and the number one hospital, had 30 points each. we were edged out because of the slight change in their methodology.. but gain it was a photo finish"
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finish."boston's massachusetts general hospptal is ranked number one. venturing out in this heat toda? today?meteorologist steve fertig... has today's high temperature in your skywaach make you change your mind.ggt - mind. 3 living with the pain
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((bump in)) more than half the united drought right's the - pargest droughttthe nation has seen since the 11-50's. 19-50' ed payne explains... it's prompted diiaster declarations in 26 ssates... and a series of emergency conservation measures. measuues. farmers are worried abbut how much their harvests will be pamaged and how big of a hit their livelihoods may take this year.a u-s-d-a expert
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says a smaller corn harvest could drive p the ccst of animal feed maae from corn. that would lead to higher meat and dairy prices for consumers. corn meal, corn syrup and ethanno prices would also rise. in arkansas, the co-ownnr of a locally grown producc storr hopes to mainttin his prices. if we get more rain it'll stay drying out it might get a little more expensive.a customer from texas sayssfresh her, so if prices do rise,,or - she'll make adjustments to her's omething that you have to have in life. so you just substitute others things indiana, state police are stepping up efforts &pto help eeforceethe statewide burn ban issueddin light of the drought.they want to make sure cigarettes do not spark fact, annone who tosses a lit cigarette from a moving car could be ffned up to 10-thousand-dollars.and an indianapolis homeowner found a creative way to keep his lawn lookiig nice despite a watering ban.he painted it green with aint made speciffcally for grass.the
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paint job is expected to last i'm ed payne reporting. the u-s-d-a economist says the full effect of the drought on food prices will not be felt until the short-term... the u-s-d-a will issue its monthly estimates of &pfood ppices... which factors in drought conditions... next week. 3&((2-shot toss to weather))
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map 3 3 3 fighting back to retake baltimore's streets. streets. "it's dangerous out here none of the killing has stopped, none of the raping has stopped." stopped." a special look inside a task force with one mission, to keeppbaltimore's kids out of troublee
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3 3&in response to flash mobs ann tourist, baltimore police are doubling their efforts to reduce crime.they're taking aim at those under 17... by enforcing the curfew this morning's cover story... john rydell examines the program and those..."breaaing c" curfew." on a hot, sticky's no urprise to see plenty of children on
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baltimore streets. after but as the hour grows later... many kids...are just not go homm. and that porries...some amber booker.(booker) "it's dangerous out here none of the killing has stopped, none of the raping has stopped." downtown, pplice keeppclose watch...for groups off teenagers. but on weekendd nights, they're also focused on the younger kids.and once mmdnight arrives, those are the deep trouble. that's whennthe city...imposes its curfewwanyone under 17...who's out on thee streets...and not with a parent...will be picked up by police. ((nats))because they're minorss we've agreed...not to identify them. but police kkow who they are. "he validd everything he told me is true." that's because their names are in theeschool system' base. (question) "what were you doinn out after midnight? i missed my bus, i was running for the bus but they didn't stoo. and then the officer ppptted you? yes."school police say that's a typical excuse. (goodwin) "well we get
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various reasons, i was going ptop, i was just going next us - door." but here...excuses wonnt cut it.the kids are photographed... questioned...and then placedin a small cafeteria...under police upervision.thhy won't be released...until theirr parents pick ttem up. but no one here...seems too conccrned. (question) "have you been out after midnight a lot before? yes. does it worry you? no."at east two teenagers...tell policee..they've been wrongfully detaaned...since they're 17.but a quick check of theirschool records...proves....they're lying. police discover...that one teee...has an ankle bracelet.that means he's already under juvenile supervision.he's then...taken into custody.and while the to show up...some have ppenty to say about that midnight curfew. (question) "do you think there should be a curfew? no, why ii thht?"there should not be a urfew in summertime..but police say
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it's those late... summer nights...when kids often...get into trouble. ((oodwin) "we want to limit the amount of destructive behavior that's (rydell) "the kids that have been picked up tonight will not face any sanctions, nor wiil their parents, that s if this is the only timm they've been picked up. if thee're caught again after midnight on the streets, their parents could facc fines of between 50 and 300 dollars."but some thiik it's unfairto penalize the parents.(booker) "even you got some kids that will neak &pout, yoo got some that will g through anything to ggt in the street,half the time parents there."the parents who showed up at schol headquaaters...we re in no mmod to talk to us. but police...hope the experience...will be a teaching lesson....for all. (goodwin) "we're all workiig togetherin a collaborativee method to ensure these young people are safe so we can get 'em off the street and get them back to their parents." phortly after 3-am...the curfew center shuus down.on this niggt...24 young people were detained....and eventually...returneddhome
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safely. (booker) "it might stop a lot of people frrm getting hurt you know?"in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at ten. the curfew center is operated by city and school police... social services... and the mayor's office of criminal justice. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... a 250 doolar giant gift card coold be yours!go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore and fill out the form.. to get your name in the box.we'll draw our winner in less than an hour. hour.and next... the o's versus the twins.find out who won... next in sports. ((break 3)) çia÷ 3
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the o's fall in late innings to the minnosota last night.early off the orioles took a 4 to one lead after an adam jones 3 run shht to right field...but the twins
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battled back with theii bats speed......ryan doumitgets two r-b-i's with this singleand the throw at the plate in thh &pbottom of the 7th and the res o's lose 6 to 4. &pthe o's hhpe to avoid a sweep tonight in minnesotaa 3
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coming up in our 6 o'clock hour.... you're less than 45 minutes from knowing if youre a winner. stay tuned to see if a 250 dollar giant gift card.. is you. yours.
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